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A complete 4 step skincare solution package that includes the 8 oz Hydrating Facial Cleanser, 4 oz Oatmeal & Honey exfoliating Sugar Scrub, 4 oz Skin Defining Toner, and Hydrating Serum!!  This bundle provides a convenient way to guarantee that within one purchase ALL your skincare needs are met!!  

The first step includes a hydrating cleanser that extracts acne-causing bacteria leaving the skin hydrated and moisturized. The second step includes the 4 oz Oatmeal & Honey Sugar Scrub - a gentle exfoliator that cleanses & hydrates while attacking dirt, clogged pores and acne, thus leaving the skin rejuvenated. The third step is the The Green Tea Skin Defining Toner, which is designed to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup while reducing redness and clogged pores. The final step is the Hydrating Serum which is a light weight oil based moisturizer designed to penetrate deeper layers of skin and lock in moisture while combating the effects of aging. Each oil used in the Serum has a  Comedogenic rating of zero, which means that on a scale of 1-5, each oil has zero chance of clogging pores.