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People with eczema, especially atopic dermatitis, have especially dry skin.  This in part is due the deficiencies eczema causes in the skin barrier.  The skin barrier is the layer of skin that protects from allergens, irritants and bacteria and keeps moisture from getting out.

Additionally, excessively dry skin may be caused by the skin inability to retain moisture.  The products within this collection combat several causes of dry skin, including: wind, low humidity, cold temperatures, and harsh soaps.

This collection is comprised of skin soothing topical ointments and bath soaks that reduce the skin trauma and symptoms associated with eczema and other skin conditions 

Several products within this collection are infused with HEMP SEED OIL ( NON CBD & NON CBD ingredient) Which reduces redness and inflammation. Extracts acne-causing bacteria and eliminates wrinkles. Helps to stimulate blood flow and has anti-fungal properties that improves the condition of both scalp and skin when applied topically.

All water - based products in this collection, not to include the Chamomile  Salve, use a broad spectrum, non-paraben, natural preservative to prevent bacteria and mold.